Conservative mother Holly Fisher made waves this week for her viral Hobby Lobby hat trick photo as well as her follow-up photo. No one should be surprised that Fisher attracted the usual liberal hate. These tweets by Patrick Kasprik, however, stood out:

When conservatives angrily complained, Kasprik accused his critics of “hate”. Yes, he thinks we are hateful.

Fisher’s response:

That looks like a pretty effective rape whistle.

Kasprik responded with this lunacy:


And this:

So Fisher is fat, the Bible is pro-rape, and Kasprik’s endorsement of rape was satire. The whole situation is “mad funny,” yo! Why, he’s just like Stephen Colbert!

We get the “joke,” OK,  but that doesn’t mean we have to like it.


It seems the @PatKasprik account has disappeared, at least for now.

However, his hate can still be read above, because of course Twitchy is forever.



‘And they think I’m the ignorant one’: Lefty attacks on Holly Fisher sink to new low with photo comparison [pic]