It’s been more than a month since we’ve written about Amanda Marcotte; clearly we’re overdue.

In today’s edition, our favorite feminist argues that in the absence of insurance it would cost her more than $20,000 to prevent pregnancy from now until she hits menopause. She’s in her thirties currently, so you do the math.

Sally Kohn floated a similar argument a few days ago:

As we pointed out then, most major pharmacies in the U.S. charge $9 per month for birth control pills.  For those of you enrolled in Common Core math, that’s $108 per year.

Still too expensive? No worries. Low-income people can obtain all manner of subsidized (often free) birth control through thousands of Public Health Centers across the U.S.

Or maybe they can get a job with Hobby Lobby, which provided coverage for 16 non-abortive forms of birth control.

In short, Marcotte’s assumptions, analysis, and conclusions are all wrong. Par for the course!


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