Hey, remember that time Vox wasn’t a hotbed of shameless hackery? Yeah, neither do we. Today, writer Max Fisher undertook the admirable task of Voxsplaining how Israel is exploiting the murders of three teens in order to bully those poor Palestinians.

No, really. Here’s how Fisher kicked things off:

Twenty days after three Israeli high school students were kidnapped in the West Bank merely for being there, two days after they were found murdered in an apparent execution by Hamas members, and one day after Israelis gathered nationally to mourn the deaths, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his allies on Israel’s political right appear to have extracted what they wanted from the crisis.

Nice, huh?

But this is Vox we’re dealing with.

And actual journalism is nowhere to be found.

Commentary assistant editor Seth Mandel was rightfully repulsed:

And he didn’t hold back:

Wisdom from Vox? Not a chance.



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