How ridiculous was IRS commissioner John Koskinen’s Monday night testimony before the House Oversight Committee? This ridiculous:

Nice to see him taking this seriously, huh?

Partial transcript from the IRS targeting hearing:

GOP Rep. Mike Turner: [D]estruction of evidence of a crime is in fact a crime. And you can’t testify today that no one … that there was no crime committed in the destruction of her emails, right? You can only say you have no evidence of a crime having been committed in the destruction of these emails.

IRS commissioner John Koskinen: I have no evidence whether she beat her dog, whether she beat children. I have no evidence of a whole series of things.

Asking the obnoxious IRS chief whether or not he can testify there were crimes committed by employees at his agency is like asking about Lois Lerner beating children and her dog?  Arrogant, slimy jerk. He really is a “haughty reptile.”

What does it all mean?


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