The MSM and others were off and running today with a story about Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, which some have reported as a “criminal scheme.”

Here’s a sampling of how the frenzy spread, and many didn’t of course even bother to fully explain the background or circumstances:

Judging only from those kinds of stories, you might think that Scott Walker was going to be perp-walked as soon as tonight. But, as usual, there’s a lot more to it.

Walker took to Twitter this evening to explain his side of the story:

Here’s a detail about the Wisconsin investigation you might not read about in some MSM reports:

“Politically motivated” frivolousness sounds about right:

Now there’s an item we’d be reading a lot more in news reports if Walker were a Democrat and the DA’s office was full of Republicans.

The lefty feeding frenzy over the latest Scott Walker non-story might best be summed up this way:

That appears to be the case.