Because priorities!

As Twitchy reported, this morning, Secretary of State John Kerry and Bill Nye the Not-a-Real-Science Guy teamed up for a Twitter forum about the ocean. That’s right. The ocean. Tweeters couldn’t help but wonder why Kerry would be futzing around with fish when Iraq is crumbling before our eyes.

Well, not to worry. Today, Kerry finally addressed the elephant seal in the room, thanks to a deep question from Nye:

Wait … what?

Surely a professional like Kerry wouldn’t dignify such stupidity with a response, right? Pffft. Of course he did!

Dude. That’s it? That’s his answer?

To his credit, Kerry did retweet a question from an irate tweeter wondering why the heck the ocean ranks higher on the State Department’s to-do list than mass human slaughter:

Unfortunately, because he’s John Kerry, his answer demonstrated about as much intelligence as a hunk of seaweed. And that’s being generous:

Profound. John Kerry, ladies and gentlemen.



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