On his best days, Jesse Jackson’s Twitter feed is an incoherent jumble of poorly phrased left-wing tommyrot. And then there are the days he makes use of the retweet button, sharing messages like this with his 40,000 Twitter followers.


“I suppose u luv booty”? Step away from the Twitter, Rev. Jackson.

Oh, he came up with an explanation … after it was spoon-fed to him by a follower.

Promises, promises.

YES!! Yes!! Hacked!

For the record, Jackson has tweeted praise for Pope Francis.

But days after his retweet …

The retweet first appeared on Jackson’s Twitter account on Saturday night. It’s Thursday and the retweet is still there.

Heckuva job, Rev.


Jesse Jackson wishes people would shut up about the pope-bashing retweet he still hasn’t removed.


It took a while, but Jackson has finally removed the retweet from his feed.