Awesome — and fun! Especially since Touré makes it so damn easy.

As Twitchy reported, the “Cycle” co-host finally apologized for his horrifically awful tweet suggesting that Holocaust survivors who managed to succeed in the postwar world did so because of the “power of whiteness.” Well, he sort of apologized. He seemed much sorrier that Twitter wasn’t the right medium to discuss his “nuanced” opinions.

Anyway, all of this prompted a stroll down Memory Lane, where we were greeted to some of Touré’s earlier offerings regarding the Jews.

It’s indeed a pretty good one:

Oh reeeeeeally, Touré? Could’ve fooled us, pal!

And then there’s this one:

Wait, he wouldn’t actually share something that dumb … except he totally would. And he totally did:

A question has occurred to us, too: What planet is Touré living on? Sheesh.

Touré sure is having a rough day. Maybe we should lighten up on him a little, huh?




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