Sadly, yes.

PolicyMic executive social editor and proud feminist Elizabeth Plank was pleased as punch with Gloria Allred’s take on Elliot Rodger and mental illness on today’s “Ronan Farrow Daily”:

Got that? She loves it! (You can view the video for yourself here.)


Allred: What I want to say is that part of mental illness is male chauvinism. Male chauvinism has been demonstrated, has been said by the American Psychiatric Association to be a certifiable mental illness.

Farrow: It’s a mental condition.

Allred: Yes, and it is dangerous to women’s health and I’ve said that [for] years, because male chauvinism is all about an artificial stereotype of women and men. It’s about power over women. It’s about control over women. It’s about treating women as sexual objects. And all of that appeared to be present in the perpetrator of these horrific crimes.

Just like Plank, Farrow thought Allred was right on the money:

Farrow: And describing it as a mental health condition really does seem apt here.

Smart take, huh?

That’s a polite way to put it. Dana Loesch was a little more blunt:


Pretty much, if you go by Allred’s brand of logic.

Being a misogynistic douchebag doesn’t make you mentally ill. It makes you a misogynistic douchebag. And suggesting that male chauvinism is a form of mental illness diminishes the seriousness of actual mental illnesses.

Word of advice to Plank and all so-called “feminists”:


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