El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa, one of the most powerful Republican officials in southern Colorado, stands accused of a long list of ethical violations, according to a bombshell article by Colorado Springs Gazette reporter Dave Philipps:

Maketa allegedly has had sexual relationships with three female subordinates for years, traveling with them using public funds, promoting them to top jobs despite objections from commanders and threatening anyone he suspected of mentioning the relationships, according to interviews and documents obtained by The Gazette.

Both Maketa and the three subordinates¬†deny the allegations. They have yet to address¬†the¬†shirtless selfie¬†(sent from Maketa‚Äôs phone number to Sheriff‚Äôs Office comptroller Dorene Cardarelle along with the message ‚ÄúWish you were with me‚ÄĚ) and salacious text messages such as this one:

‚ÄúI think often about touching kissing and licking every inch of your amazing body,‚ÄĚ said a message dated 1:48 a.m. Jan. 4, 2009, from Maketa‚Äôs phone number that is typical of the exchanges with Cardarelle.

An independent digital forensics expert confirmed that the messages obtained by The Gazette originated from Cardarelle’s email account on county computer servers.

Tiffany Huntz, a former nude model and one-time operator of a home-based sex toy business, is one of the subordinates with whom Maketa is accused of having a sexual relationship. She has a Twitter feed but has not tweeted about the controversy as yet.

If the allegations are true, Maketa will likely face heavy pressure to resign: