Rest assured, everyone. Not only is Barack Obama “mad as hell” about the horrific treatment of veterans at VAs, but during today’s presser, he said that the buck stops with him:

Well, the buck kinda-sorta stops with him. But not really:

Still, the guilty parties will not get away with this:

And, as Mr. Responsible, he’s vowing to get to the bottom of the scandal by appointing a crackerjack leader to investigate:

Wait … what?

Second, I want to know the full scope of this problem, and that’s why I ordered Secretary Shinseki to investigate. Today he updated me on his review, which is looking not just at the Phoenix facility but also VA facilities across the nation. And I expect preliminary results from that review next week.

Oh yeah. This’ll work out well.

This is what passes for accountability in the Obama administration.


Also investigating: the VA inspector general and Obama’s deputy chief of staff, Rob Nabors.

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