No, really! 

Yesterday, in Bakersfield, California, a young boy was playing in his driveway when a neighbor’s dog charged at him, grabbed his leg, and pulled him down. That’s when an unlikely hero came to the boy’s rescue:

The family’s cat, named Tara, rushes the attacking dog and chased it away.

The boy’s mother told 23ABC the boy needed a few stitches, but he is doing fine this morning.

Tara’s incredible feat was captured on surveillance video:

WHOA -- Cat saves boy from dog attack in California: http://b... on Twitpic

Dude. Dude.

Yep. Especially after you see the video:

Hells yeah, it is!

Of course, there is at least one possible alternate interpretation:

But in this case, we’re willing to give Tara the benefit of the doubt.