Sickeningly, that is true. The latest example came from Mo. State Rep. Stacey Newman.

What happened? Oh, just this:

Today was a very exciting day in the Missouri legislature. First, the veto of SB 509 was overturned, giving Missouri taxpayers the first tax cut in almost 100 years. Then, lawlessness broke out in the Senate gallery. And tonight, a filibuster is being carried out in the Senate.

What’s a radical Democrat to do?

Easy. Make jokes about four dead Americans:

Yes. Yes, she did. Check out her disgraceful tweet:

Four dead Americans? Yuk, yuk, yuk!

Citizens were beyond repulsed and rightly gave Sicko Newman the business.

She may try to bravely run away from her repugnant tweet, but she won’t be able to hide:

That’s right.

You can’t shame the utterly shameless, but since we are givers we’ll offer up two suggestions for Ms. Newman anyway:

Seek help, indeed.