As Twitchy readers know, Stacey Newman, a Missouri state representative, disgustingly tried to turn four dead Americans into a punchline with a Benghazi “joke.” Actor James Woods was rightly infuriated and called her “despicable.

Dana Loesch also gave Ms. Newman the business.

Take it away, Dana!

Guess who isn’t distancing herself (Hint: Lapdogs gotta be lapdogs).

Yep, looky here:

Dana Loesch has a key question for the soulless Ms. Newman:

We won’t hold our breath for an answer. Because, “what difference does it make,” right Dems?

One of America’s finest makes a devastating point:

We thank you for your service, sir. It would behoove Ms. Newman to realize that men like you have fought and died for her right to run her mouth and expose her shameful moral bankruptcy. A joke? You are the joke, Ms. Newman.


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