We assume that’s supposed to read “party hats,” not “party hates,” but Wisconsin Democratic gubernatorial candidate Brett Hulsey seems to have hate on the brain. As reported by the Wisconsin State Journal, Hulsey plans to hand out Ku Klux Klan hoods at the state’s Republican convention this weekend.

The Journal reports that the hoods are “hand-made from recycled material,” so at least they’re eco-friendly. Not even the state Democrat Party is on board, saying that “this type of behavior has no place in the public dialogue.” More like monologue — the only one likely to have a Klan hood is Hulsey himself, appropriately enough.

We think he’s doing this one for free. Talking Points Memo reports that Hulsey will also hold a rally Friday outside of Gov. Scott Walker’s convention speech featuring participants dressed up as Confederate soldiers. Well, at least him, alone, sort of dressed like a confederate soldier.

Sage advice:

Republicans and Democrats alike are ashamed by Hulsey’s stunts.



Maybe he did.

(Hat tip: @RevCrum)