As Twitchy reported, Judicial Watch recently obtained a damning email sent by White House deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes, confirming long-held suspicions about the Obama administration’s strategy for dealing with the Benghazi attacks:

When it comes to White House press secretary Jay Carney’s handling of bombshells, we don’t expect much in terms of effective damage control. Or competence, for that matter. But at this afternoon’s press briefing, he managed to out-Carney himself:

Meet Jay Carney, intellectual contortionist:

“Explicitly not about Benghazi,” huh? Could’ve fooled us: (see Editor’s note below)


Carney wasn’t finished:

Carney also lashed out at those who have questioned the administration’s conduct:

Carney expects us to swallow this crap? Please.

Yep. Carney’s become trapped in his own web of lies. It’s all he knows now. And it’s only going to get worse.


Editor’s note:

With regard to this tweet:

ABC News’ Jonathan Karl has posted a clarification:

And just for the record:



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