House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi wants Congress to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour, and this morning she tweeted this cartoon by Nick Anderson of the Houston Chronicle to make her case:

Get it? American businessmen are rich, fat, loud, and eeeevilWorkers, by contrast, are polite and meek.

Mind you, Pelosi probably doesn’t think the minimum wage should apply to her family’s vineyard workers. But she can’t understand how anyone could possibly oppose an increase in the minimum wage for everyone else. Twitter users, of course, are always ready to help explain:

Then there’s this:

Come to think of it, few public officials have more energetically supported amnesty in recent weeks than Pelosi:

Because nothing shows concern about “working Americans who are trying to make ends meet” like the importation of millions of low-wage workers from Third World countries. Right, Ms. Pelosi?


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