Earlier this afternoon, Ezra Klein retweeted this from his Vox colleague Sarah Kliff:


Guess he changed his mind, because shortly thereafter, Klein shared this piece (also written by Kliff):

“Mostly hype.”


Or Harry Reid’s, perhaps. Reid, if you’ll recall, accused Obamacare victims — first all of them, then just a “vast majority” of them — of being liars. Looks like Ezra’s doing his best to take up Harry’s mantle.


Yeah, what about them? Well, according to Kliff:

Obamacare might have caused insurance companies to cancel some plans and, in some cases, replace existing plans with more expansive coverage. But it doesn’t seem, at least based on the evidence so far, that the cancellations were any higher than a typical year of churn in the individual marketplace.

In other words, all those cancellation notices were just a product of “churn.”

Hey Ezra, care to Voxsplain this one to all the Americans who watched Obamacare kill their current coverage and/or jack up their premiums?


Don’t fit the pro-Obamacare narrative? You’re just part of the “hype.”


Klein’s not a doctor, but his bedside manner still stinks.

Not anymore. He’s gotten used to it.



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