On ABC’s “This Week,” CNN host and TheBlaze contributor S.E. Cupp took on Everytown for Gun Safety, Mike Bloomberg’s $50 million answer to the NRA that combines Moms Demand Action for Gun Safety in America and Mayors Against Illegal Guns under one umbrella. The former New York City mayor “is the best — and by that I mean the worst — face for gun control, and believe me, my friends at the NRA high-fived when they heard about this,” said Cupp.

Those high fives, of course, did not suit Media Matters snivelers and the rest of Team Everytown. The not-so-rapid response from Bloomberg’s trusty bootlickers was the hashtag #EmptyCupp. No, really:

But we were led to believe anti-gun keyboard crybabies were such a clever bunch. Minds blown!

Go ahead and “bring it,” Cupp tweeted as she called out Everytown’s war on law-abiding gun owners.

Here’s what “bringing it” looks like for Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.

Hmm. That tweet looks awfully familiar. Where have we seen it before? Oh, riiight:

Obviously Cupp learned a valuable lesson: Don’t defend the NRA or Bloom-bots will copy-and-paste you to your very knees!

We could embed more of these oh-so-original thoughts, but you get the picture. Some concern trolls deviated from the canned message.


And here’s one that was retweeted by the verified Everytown account:

Is there an echo in here?

The #EmptyCupp hashtag is so pitiful it’s almost adorable.


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