Vox.com’s Ezra Klein, fresh from a declaration that Kathleen Sebelius’ resignation was a sign that “Obamacare has won,” has diagnosed those failing to recognize the awesomeness the Affordable Care Act as having been stricken with “Obamacare Derangement Syndrome”:

Those stricken with ODS are kidding themselves, according to Klein at Vox.com:


Klein claims those with ODS believe “delays of minor provisions in the law prove that the entire structure is collapsing.”

“Minor” provisions?

His recent hilarious defenses of Obamacare have exposed more cases of ODS for Dr. Klein to diagnose:

Klein might want to first self-examine for the disorder:

Klein’s hilariously lapdoggish defenses of Obamacare sparked career speculation:


Heh. But why would OFA hire Klein when he’s getting paid by somebody else to do their work right now?

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