Should we expect fireworks tomorrow morning at Bundy Ranch in Nevada? Yesterday saw ugly confrontations between federal agents and protesters, and attention to the standoff has sent #BundyRanch trending.


A Saturday morning protest is scheduled for 9 a.m. The family has asked for a large, peaceful gathering of support, but has asked protesters to leave their rifles at home.

There was some talk about cell towers serving the property being shut down, but Fox News’ Matt Finn says he’s had cell service all day.

“I’m wondering where I am,” Bundy told the press at a news conference Friday. “I’m not in Afghanistan. I think I’m in Nevada. But I’m not sure right now.”

Fox News reports that members of a Utah militia arrived at the ranch Wednesday, and other militias from Texas, New Hampshire and Florida are said to be on the way.
Others are arriving with handmade signs.