A mom whose child apparently attends school in New York City is not a fan of Common Core math. She recently posted a copy of this ridiculous math problem:

The Common Core standard that aligns to this question — CC.1.OA.6 — indicates that this convoluted problem is for first graders.

The mom who posted the problem, Amber Papadopoulos, previously tweeted numerous politicians urging that New York withdraw from Common Core:

Papadopoulos is just the latest in a long line of parents to post ridiculous Common Core math problem to Twitter. We recently wrote about a kid who missed a Common Core math problem because he didn’t use “friendly” numbers. In January, we noted a confusing Common Core problem that required first graders to use “number bonds” to complete a  “math story.”

Backlash to the Common Core standards has been growing around the country. Gov. Mike Pence, R-Ind., recently signed a law withdrawing his state from the program.


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