Yesterday, Jay Carney was asked about an American Enterprise Institute study which found that women working at the White House earn on average 88 cents for every dollar that men earn:


CNN correspondent: Press secretary Jay Carney was asked about it, he didn’t deny it. So basically yes, this is happening over here at the White House as well, although the White House says look, the president has many top senior advisers who are women. The national security adviser, Susan Rice, to the senior political adviser to the president, Valerie Jarrett. Here is how Jay Carney answered the question when he was asked about this yesterday.

Carney: I think that those studies look at, uh, the aggregate of everyone on staff. And that includes some of the most junior levels to the most senior. What I can tell you is that we have, as an institution here, have aggressively addressed this challenge. And obviously, though, at the end of the [inaudible] 88 cents that you cite, that is not 100, but it is better than the national average.

That’s it? That’s the best he’s got?

CNN host Carol Costello’s response? “Come on! Really?” Her colleague John King wasn’t impressed, either:


King: Let’s start with the White House. The president today will sign a couple of executive orders to advance the cause of equal pay for women. Let’s call this a textbook case, Margaret, of “do as I say, not as I do.”

Ouch! If even CNN isn’t buying what Carney is selling, the White House has a big problem.



Hoo boy:



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