And oh how true that is. “Game Change” author and TIME Senior Political Analyst Mark Halperin admitted it Monday morning.

No, really. He said that: “Huge MSM support of Jeb Bush on immigration can help him win.”


It’s unbelievable, yet totally believable at this point. Also note the sneering condescension in Halperin’s statement.

Yep. Contrary to the opinion of Better Than You journos, we aren’t idjits.

Halperin continued his lapdoggery:

Squee! He’s so dreamy! And we all know that the lapdog media loves having a President Boyfriend.

Sigh. Twitter users had some “helpful hints” about reality.


Ding, ding, ding!

Truth. Boom.

But, hey, at least there is this:

So, kudos Halperin for admitting the truth, albeit unintentionally.


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