Sharyl Attkisson, reporter extraordinaire formerly of CBS News, has been in dogged pursuit of the truth about the Benghazi attack for a long time, and she hasn’t let up.

Yesterday, former Deputy CIA Director Mike Morell testified before the House Intelligence Committee about the Benghazi talking points and other related issues.

From the Washingon Times:

The CIA’s former deputy director disclosed Wednesday that Obama administration officials were alerted the day before they went on national television that a key tenet of their original Benghazi storyline might be inaccurate. But he did not explain why the administration continued to cling to its narrative even after U.S. intelligence debunked reports that the deadly attack was born out of a protest over an anti-Islam video.

In often testy exchanges with Republicans who accused him of a cover-up, Michael Morell flatly denied that he “inappropriately altered and influenced” the infamous Benghazi talking points to downplay the role of terrorism in the attacks.

On Twitter, Attkisson offered a detailed analysis of her take on Morell’s testimony:


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Attkisson’s book promises to be a great read from a fantastic reporter: