The “clown” diagnosis is the only possible conclusion after reading this from Piers Morgan in response to the shootings at Fort Hood Wednesday evening:

So. Much. Stupid.

In spite of the gun rules in place at Fort Hood, which should have made the area a gun control utopia “Musket” could be proud of, Morgan still predictably insisted on blaming the gun.

There are truly no words to counter the foolishness and abject idiocy spouted by Piers Morgan. However, Katie Pavlich, to her great credit, gave it a try anyway:

People who disregard laws against murder aren’t heeding “no guns allowed” signs? Well go figure.

Fort Hood has a carry policy that is almost exactly what people like Piers Morgan demand be taken to a national level, but that obviously won’t cause “Musket” to re-think his ridiculously counter-productive position on the issue: