Dude. At this rate, it might only take a few days.

It’s not exactly news that Harry Reid is obsessed with the Koch Brothers. But this morning, he may have outdone himself:

No, that’s not an April Fools’ joke. Behold:

Click the link below to hear the crazy for yourself:

Here’s the extended version:

Good. Lord.

OK, first things first:

It’s nonexistent:


We’re inclined to agree.

But Harry Reid is impervious to the truth. He’s not afraid:

That’s good, Senator. Because you’ve made yourself one hell of a target.

Dignity, schmignity!


That’s actually probably not too far off from what’s actually going through Harry’s head:

The World According to Harry Reid is a pretty disturbing place.

That’s right. Allegedly.


Exit question of the day:



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