Earlier today, RNC Chair Reince Priebus called on Ebony to apologize for its editor Jamilah Lemieux’s vile attack on RNC deputy press secretary Raffi Williams:

He also wrote a letter to Ebony’s editor in chief Amy Barnett:

Here’s part of it:

Raffi deserves an apology from Ms. Lemieux and from EBONY—not just for making assumptions about his race but more importantly for dismissing black Republicans and the validity of their opinions in public discourse.

In their Twitter exchange, Ms. Lemieux said she had “no interest” in a conversation about encouraging diversity of thought. I’m hopeful, however, that she does not speak for the entire magazine and that we can use this unfortunate episode as a catalyst for greater engagement and understanding between the Republican Party and the black community.

But lefties didn’t appreciate Priebus accurately calling what Lemieux wrote a “personal attack.” So, naturally, they responded by attacking him — and the GOP, natch:



Ain’t civility great?



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