If you’re angry at Stephen Colbert over The Colbert Report’s now-deleted “ching chong ding dong” tweet, the show wants you to know that Mr. Colbert and his staff didn’t author it:


A lot of Colbert’s fans seem to think the distinction between Colbert and the Comedy Central-owned @ColbertReport Twitter account is a key point:



Colbert himself sarcastically addressed this point last night:

The Hollywood Reporter misleadingly characterized Colbert’s and The Colbert Report’s tweets as follows:

In the early hours of Friday, Colbert had caught wind of the imbroglio and took to his personal account @StephenAtHome to clarify that his Comedy Central show’s verified Twitter account is not written by him. He also suggested that doesn’t even know who writes it. The Colbert Show Twitter account also tweeted a series of messages saying its host had nothing to do with the joke gone wrong.

“Nothing to do with the joke gone wrong”? The “ching chong ding dong” tweet was a direct quote from Colbert. He made the remark on his show earlier this week as can be seen in the video tweeted last night by both The Colbert Report and Colbert.


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