We Are Respectable Negroes blogger Chauncey DeVega is awfully proud that Salon published his AlterNet piece about the “racial political arsonists” in the “country’s premier white identity organization.” You know, the GOP, natch.

So what does he think of minority conservatives?

Considering the way he glowed with pride when he called Herman Cain and other black conservatives “race minstrels” and “mascots,” yeah, you know the answer. He loves the attention he gets for stewing in the juices of his own “progressive” bigotry.

Got that? Accept that your race determines your political beliefs or be subjected to ignorant slurs. Way to go, Salon. Way to go.

You didn’t think he’d leave it at “professional shoe shine artists” and “buck dancing blackface artists,” did you?

Anyone surprised that Salon gave a platform to a leftist tolerance bully and attention troll who traffics in bigotry and shutuppery? Same as it ever was.