As many took actress Kristen Bell to task for deciding that rich people aren’t paying enough taxes, TheBlaze’s Dana Loesch shared this recent gem from Bell:

And then she compared Bell to Meghan McCain.

What say you, Meghan?

So women in the media shouldn’t make snide, mean comments about each other? This is coming from the same Meghan McCain who has attacked former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, her daughter Bristol Palin, Rep. Michele Bachmann, and Twitchy founder Michelle Malkin. Wow.


Loesch rightly called McCain out for her blatant hypocrisy as the exchange continued.

McCain deleted that tweet. Interesting.

Nope, no apology.

Meanwhile, Meggie Mac slunk away muttering some airy-fairy feel-good nonsense:

Hours later, the not-at-all nasty, totally supportive Meghan McCain returned with this:

But it was Dana Loesch who took home the trophy in this battle.


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