Idiots is perhaps putting it too kindly. Check out the sign from Backstreets Pub & Grill in Clemson, S.C., as reported by Fox Carolina anchor Cody Alcorn.


“Message” heard loud and clear. The backlash was swift and righteous.

Man up? Ha! The pub has already deleted its Facebook page after well-deserved backlash.

Of course, fellow gun-grabbers loved it.

We love how they included the douchebaggery-filled Facebook post as if it were something deserving of praise.

Yelp users also gave the bar the business.



Backstreets’ Facebook page is gone, but Google’s cached copy is here.

Here are some screenshots of the doubling and tripling down of jackassery.


And this:


“Mouth breathing morons.” Huh. Guess what, buddy. We aren’t “moronic” enough to frequent your establishment.

Ding, ding, ding!