What’s wrong with ThinkProgress? How much time have you got?

In case you missed it, ThinkProgress isn’t terribly good at thinking:

In her piece, “The Obama Administration has turned the parental into the political,” TP’s Tara Culp-Ressler addresses the Obama administration’s penchant for using “the language of parenting as a tool to argue for policy.” She acknowledges that there’s criticism of the paternalistic approach, but that’s as far as she’s willing to go. She doesn’t seem to have a problem with it. In fact, she thinks the Obamas have done a pretty good job:

The approach of acting the parent isn’t a perfect strategy, especially when it comes to women’s issues. But both Obama and his wife have been able to largely come across as genuine, and that’s thanks to their ability to undermine assumptions about them and their race. For politicians who are always expected to be “twice as good” — and, in some ways, have embraced this framing for the black community — it’s perhaps not a surprise that they’ve chosen to double down on this aspect of family values.

Ugh. Not a surprise, maybe. But it’s pretty sickening nonetheless.


Smells just as rotten, though.

Just because the Obamas insist on treating us like children doesn’t make them our parents, let alone good parents.



The Obama administration wouldn’t be caught dead doing that.

This whole damn thing is creepy.


And we’re maxed out on Daddy and Mommy Government:


Let us know when you find out.



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