Why? Because morbid curiosity often trumps common sense.

Behold this offering from Salon:

Nice headline, guys.

Writer Andrew O’Hehir is proud of his Irish heritage, “up to a point.” But mostly, he’s repulsed:

On one hand, Irishness is a nonspecific global brand of pseudo-old pubs, watered-down Guinness, “Celtic” tattoos and vague New Age spirituality, designed to make white people feel faintly cool without doing any of the hard work of actually learning anything. On the other, it’s Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Pat Buchanan and Rep. Peter King, Long Island’s longtime Republican congressman (and IRA supporter), consistently representing the most stereotypical grade of racist, xenophobic, small-minded, right-wing Irish-American intolerance. When you think of the face of white rage in America, it belongs to a red-faced Irish dude on Fox News.

Naturally, O’Hehir cites fellow race-obsessive Joan Walsh’s book “What’s the Matter with White People” to support his argument that over time, Irish Americans have “drifted rightward through the Democratic Party and then out the other side into Archie Bunker-land.” And now, Irish Americans are blind to the fact that they’re trapped in “the prison of whiteness.”

O’Hehir’s pretty damn proud of himself.

“White tears”? More like well-deserved smacks:

O’Hehir probably imagines that all the time, what with Fox News harboring all those angry, racist Irish American guys.



It’s truly terrible.


The answer?

Nailed it.

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