If you missed the Malaysian prime minister’s press conference updating the world on the missing MH370 airliner, you missed a doozy.

Among other things, Najib Razak confirmed that Malaysia’s primary military radar had indeed detected the plane shortly after civilian radars lost its presence:

Razak confirmed that the actions taken to turn off the plane’s responders were “deliberate,” but wouldn’t go on record calling it a hijacking, as an anonymous government official had done earlier.

Razak also revealed that the last satellite contact with the plane was on Saturday at around 8am in the morning — meaning it was flying for seven hours after losing contact with air traffic controllers.

The Malaysian government ended operations in the South China Sea and with 15 countries assisting, the search has moved to the Indian Ocean.

The PM refused to answer questions, raising eyebrows around the world.


Twitchy will update as news develops. One thing’s for sure: The passengers and their families need continued prayers.