How very passive-aggressive of her.

Sigh. As Twitchy readers know, Nancy Pelosi’s daughter Christine exposed her Fracking Derangement Syndrome when she blamed fracking for a Calif. earthquake Monday morning. Why does she hate science? She then cried sexism, natch. Evidently, she’s not letting that go.

She’s super brave, you see. Just take a gander at more acts of bravery from Ms. Pelosi:

How dare he?! Of course that merits a blocking. How very sexist and stuff. Ms. Pelosi then spewed lies about Twitchy. Of course, she didn’t use our handle to address us. Heaven forfend! Maybe we would have seen her garbage that way. Sorry, Ms. Pelosi, we saw it anyway.

That is a flat-out lie. Hate speech? Quoting Ms. Pelosi verbatim is “vicious hate speech” now. Unbelievable.

Further, Ms. Pelosi retweeted one sexist insult. A “barrage,” according to her. Twitchy condemned the disgusting tweet. But, hey, clearly facts don’t matter to Ms. Pelosi.

Lie and slander? More words that Ms. Pelosi apparently does not understand.

Sorry to disappoint you, Ms. Pelosi, but we also condemn the use of the word “twat” and will continue to do so. That is always wrong. However, your intelligence or lack thereof is fair game. To shroud yourself in a veil of victimhood and claim otherwise is actually sexist.

Seriously? Comparing yourself to Margaret Thatcher now? Lunatic, thy name is Pelosi. Here is a picture for you, science-denier:


And this Twitter user sums it all up with a simple truth for dunce Pelosi:



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