That’s basically the gist of President Obama’s recent suggestion.

Last week, he participated in a town hall event geared toward the Hispanic community. One of the questions for him came from a man with a $36,000 annual income, who feels that his minimum monthly premium under Obamacare is too much for him. After offering Medicaid as a possible solution — and blaming states like Texas and Florida for not properly expanding Medicaid — President Obama suggested that people struggling to afford their monthly health insurance premiums just “haven’t prioritized health care,” and they might want to cut back on their cable and cell phone service.

Yeah, we’re guessing it would not go over terribly well.

Some people kind of understood where the president was coming from:

He shouldn’t’ve made plans at all. The government has no business getting involved in our health care. And while his point about sound budgeting is a good one, is he, President Big Spender, really in a position to tell people how to allocate their money?

Definitely not. And many rightly bristled at his remarks:

It does suck, but at least there’s a silver lining:

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