Oh, well. She’s sleepy and stuff. Totally excused! First, let’s get to why the “Girls” actress made such a “joke.” As Twitchy reported, actress Lena Dunham hosted “Saturday Night Live” this weekend. She brutally bombed while spewing Planned Parenthood propaganda. She also got naked. Again.

The nudity continued on this week’s episode of HBO’s “Girls” as well. Again.

Viewers have had it with the baring of skin.


Oh dear.

Then this happened:


Yes. Yes, she did.

Love her? Not so much.


But, hey, totally not her fault anyway. Because, rage or something.

This Twitter user pointed something out to Ms. Dunham:


Yep. But wait! Dunham has an excuse for that as well.

Dude. Seriously? She pulled the girl card. Wow! Way to empower women, “feminist!” Girl jokes should be graded on a curve? You’ve come a long way, baby.



Apparently comedian and actress Mindy Kaling has no problem with such “jokes.”

Others don’t find her (nor them) so perfect.



And an exit question for Ms. Dunham:

Yes, Lena. Please elaborate.

H/T  @jamescrugnale


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