What did Christine Pelosi, daughter of Nancy Pelosi say? Oh, just this:

No, seriously.

What the frack?


Pelosi did get the early win for the dumbest tweet of the night. But, she didn’t even stop there and instead kept digging after Twitter users tried to educate the ignorant, fear-mongering Pelosi. Giver @ExJon started off the schooling.

Because of course. Every. Time.

Pelosi responded with more idiocy.

Really? Except for that whole “another reason I oppose fracking” thing, right?


Pelosi just couldn’t stop and continued to expose her ignorance and absurdity.

There we go! Point out facts? Sexist, natch.

And with that, she got even more bless her heart-y. Check out the tweets she is using in her defense; Totally not blame-y:


Double uh.

Ding, ding, ding!

More digging:

Yep, she retweeted this:


Citizens continued to give Ms. Pelosi the business and it was delicious.

But … but … sexist!

Hey, Ms. Pelosi, you may need to blame yourself soon.

And an exit prediction: Coming next from Ms. Pelosi?

Stay tuned!


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