As Twitchy readers know, Nancy Pelosi’s daughter blamed a California earthquake early Monday morning on fracking.

Yep. Citizens schooled Ms. Pelosi, who then cried sexism. Because of course she did.

Evidently, Ms. Pelosi still isn’t done exposing her buffoonery. She doubled down with this tweet, after continuously claiming that she wasn’t blaming fracking:


Seriously, stop digging. Now.

She is still doing that as well.

Not true, Ms. Pelosi. We condemn that and always will. It is disgusting.

It is also a pattern of behavior from the Left.

However, Ms. Pelosi, calling you out for your science-denying and for your lack of proof linking fracking to earthquakes is not sexist. Claiming that a woman can never be challenged on her facts is what is actually sexist. Poor dear! Can’t question her or dare give her the business for idiot statements. What else do you expect from a woman, right?

When you are wrong, you will be called out as such. That science is settled.

These Twitter users nutshell the dumbassery:


Update: An exit question for Ms. Pelosi:


‘Lunacy!’ Science-denier Pelosi daughter blames earthquake on fracking, cries sexism when schooled