Rep. Alan Grayson, D-Fla., insists his wife is an abusive liar and that her accusations of domestic violence are “a private family matter.” Flashback: Grayson considered it fair game to falsely insinuate that his 2012 opponent was guilty of physically abusing a former spouse. But, you know, Grayson deserves privacy.

Our esteemed media will still flood the zone with coverage of the allegations against Grayson, right? Right? Maybe we’ll get hours of panels about the Democrats’ crumbling War on Women meme. Yeah, sure we will.

Republican media strategist Rick Wilson has a sneaking suspicion that with the (D) after Grayson’s name, the media will be running cover instead of running coverage.

Did someone say “bridge”? Because that reminds MSNBC of a little something worth hundreds of hours of coverage.

If our Twitter lists of journalists are any indication this morning, the Grayson story is, like, so totally yesterday, man. What say you, GOP?


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