Rep. Alan Grayson, D-Fla., is not having a good week after his estranged wife accused him of domestic abuse and had a judge issue a protective order against him. We’re reminded of the times he railed against the supposed Republican “War on Women,” and then there’s this little gem from a debate he had in 2012 (1:57):

Todd Long’s wife had alleged that he had been “very abusive and manipulative” in divorce papers, but didn’t accuse him of being physically abusive, which Grayson implied in his quip, “if you’re going to ask anyone, ‘are you still beating your wife,’ that kind of question, ask him!”

Long responded: “Obviously that’s never happened. You know, she’s here right now. And it’s another I’m sure very painful hurtful thing you’re saying. You have no regard for human beings. That’s never happened.”

Despite Long’s adamant denial, Grayson doubled down, sending out a fund-raising email two days later stating that “The local CBS affiliate in Orlando, WKMG, has reported that my opponent, Todd Long, was ‘very abusive’ to his ex-wife.” Grayson repeated the misleading statement in a tweet (see above), a Facebook post, and a Daily Kos blog post. His campaign also tried to interest reporters in the “story”:

Even some Daily Kos commenters felt Grayson had crossed a line:

There’s a difference between playing rough and outright lying.  I’m all for playing rough.  Lying?  Not so much. (Link.)

He may be a progressive but he just called a man a wife beater and an alcoholic with no evidence all in a blatant attempt to raise money. it’s underhanded and not respectable at all. (Link.)

Congressman Grayson has a history of making stuff up, or do you not remember Taliban Dan kerflunkle from last time.  Just because he talks a strong hateful game against Tepublicians does not merit our support.  Facts mattering. (Link.)

Grayson – you just lost me.  I saw this on his Facebook page. Exact same thing. What absolute bullshit fuckery. (Link.)

This diary is total bullshit with no support info … To call a man an alcoholic ape  and wife beater with no evidence is what we call being an asshole. (Link.)


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