A gross image, maybe, but definitely an accurate one. Here’s what Harry Reid is up to today:

Hold up — the GOP is “addicted”? Remind us, Harry, which party can’t stop invoking the Koch Brothers at every opportunity?

Dude, does he ever:

Self-awareness fail, buddy.

Let’s talk donors, shall we?

Very interesting, that. But it’s not just Soros who’s helped line Harry’s pockets:

The Dems are actually quite good at attracting wealthy donors:

Why yes, yes he did. And there’s this as well:

Oh, my!

That sounds like our Harry!

Awwww. A nice guy like him deserves better, no?

If you’ll recall, it was during that particular dust-up that we learned Reid is an alleged pederast. Mustn’t forget about that.

He’ll always find a way to be creepy — and disturbingly obsessed with the Koch Brothers. That’s just who he is. But maybe that’s not such a bad thing:



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