In 2008, Sarah Palin was mocked for suggesting that the election of Barack Obama could result in Russia invading Ukraine. It now seems Palin’s prediction is coming to fruition, in an “uncontested arrival” kind of way.

Blake Hounshell, a former editor of Foreign Policy who is now an editor with Politico, called Palin’s prediction an “extremely far-fetched scenario” at the time.

Now that it’s not so far-fetched, Hounshell nevertheless is playing it snide:

Probably best just to say nothing at this point:

Hounshell then tried to play victim:

The word “dummy” appears nowhere in the article Hounshell linked, and Palin never even mentioned him by name in her comments today.

Good advice at this point.

Editor’s note: The original title of this post included the quote “Somebody has a case of the sads.” The correct quote is “Someone has a case of the sads.” The title has been amended accordingly.

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