Nothing gets establishment GOPers more animated than the chance to trash conservatives who actually want to take back the country from socialist statists, rather than just manage the decay and benefit from crony capitalism. The latest kerfuffle between those who lovingly embrace the status quo and the “radical” Tea Party began with a debate between writer Brandon Darby and Sen. John McCain campaign consultant John Weaver, who orchestrated such resounding conservative victories as John McCain 2000 and John McCain 2008.

Shortly thereafter, Luke Niles, Southern Regional Vice Chair for Young Republican National Federation, decided to jump into the fray:

Have you ever noticed that when it comes to the Tea Party, establishment Republicans sound a lot like Rachel Maddow?

Notice who was calling names in this exchange. It was the same guy whining that his opponent was a “bully.” And of course, he impotently declares victory at the end:

We urge you not to tweet at Mr. Niles, as he seems awfully sensitive and will probably accuse you of bullying him. We’d hate to break his thin-skinned, myopic, surrender echo chamber.


How ’bout that? Niles deleted his tweets.

Riiiight. Also, Twitchy is forever.


Here’s what the Young Republican National Federation has to say:

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