Heh. That’s one way to put today’s Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals decision:

Let’s go over that again:

Hot stuff!


Oh, we hope he is! Always entertaining to see Dems lose it over losing to the Constitution.


Oddly enough, no. This really was that Ninth Circuit Court.

We’ll take it, of course. But Piers Morgan is a different story:

Poor Musket.

Nice try, pal.

Indeed. But somehow, Morgan is much more offended by our Constitution.

It’s just more than he can handle. He’d much rather preach to us about ethics when he has none.

Maybe Piers Morgan will have a chance to address that with NRO’s Charles C.W. Cooke, whose debate offer still stands:

Go for it, Piers. What’ve you got to lose? Other than your last shred of dignity, that is.

Good question. And things could get even rougher for Piers pretty soon:

Won’t somebody give him a hug?



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