Tweets from Axl Rose are a rare thing. What’s the deal? It seems the reclusive Guns N’ Roses frontman just wasn’t inspired until he heard about Marius the unwanted giraffe.

Officials at the Copenhagen Zoo say the healthy young giraffe was shot to death on Sunday in an effort to prevent inbreeding.

The carcass was fed to big cats at the zoo. Hot Air has more, as does Axl. Ladies and gentlemen, the comedy stylings of Axl Rose:

Full message via TwitLonger:

But seriously, let me get this straight… The Danes killed a 2yr old baby giraffe, chopped it up n’ fed him to the lions (allegedly in front of kids) to avoid inbreeding rather than find a place for it. Maybe this is a big problem over there I don’t know but I’m not getting how this deters siblings n’ various other assorted Danish family members from fuckin’ each other?! J/k :)☺

From now on, this will be known as …