What was up with Whoopi Goldberg’s sudden announcement that she isn’t responsible for “The View” bookings? Well, the tolerance brigade was out in full force recently, protesting Dana Loesch’s appearance on the ABC show.

Whoopi really wants y’all to know that it totally wasn’t her idea. No, no! She’d never book that pesky old conservative. Ick!

Actress Elizabeth Perkins joined in:


Really, Whoopi?

Perkins continued and the rest of her comments were predictably ludicrous as well:

A Twitter user tried to engage Ms. Perkins:

Bingo. But, you know, Dana is “sad.”

As for Whoopi? Her passive-aggressive slamming continued:

If need be. Because the Tea Party is totally racist. Except, of course, it isn’t. But, hey, why let the truth stand in the way of a good false narrative?

Whoopi then retweeted Dana Loesch’s gracious tweet:

Huh. Real “welcoming,” Whoopi.


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