Author Stephen King says he has “no opinion” on Dylan Farrow’s allegations of sexual abuse by serial creep Woody Allen. He did, however, reply to writer Mary Karr shortly after she tweeted this question about Farrow’s horrific account.

‘Right or wrong”? King is “stumped,” but he does appear to detect “an element of palpable bitchery” in Farrow’s revelations.

“Bitchery” wasn’t the first (or thousandth … or millionth) word that popped into most people’s heads when they read Farrow’s open letter. But bitchery would hardly seem out of bounds when someone is accusing her father of exploiting and assaulting her when she was a vulnerable child.

Karr defended King from the Twitter explosion that followed.

But her suggestion that he was replying to this tweet of a link about Farrow’s account doesn’t fly.

Note the time stamp of 5:37 p.m. ET. That tweet came after King’s 5:32 p.m. “palpable bitchery” tweet.

Shorter Twitter: How’s this for a little “palpable bitchery“?

King noticed. Whether his tweet was knocking Farrow or someone else for “bitchery,” he responded by blaming his Twitter ineptitude (?) and asking for mercy.

Mercy on Twitter? Heh.

(Hat tip: @Kap_Kaos)


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