MSNBC stepped in it big time with their bigoted tweet claiming “right wingers” would “hate” a Cheerios ad featuring a bi-racial family. MSNBC deleted the tweet and apologized, but only after being called on it.

After MSNBC’s ridiculous but not surprising tweet, Twitchy founder, syndicated columnist and “just a blogger” Michelle Malkin started the hashtag #MyRightWingBiracialFamily:

Citizens who choose not to drink the left-wing race-baiting Kool Aid MSNBC pours on a daily basis are letting the world know that the bigoted broad brush with which they use to paint those with opposing viewpoints the same color is unacceptable.

Here are 75 tweets from biracial families telling MSNBC their pandering to left-wing stereotypes of people who disagree with them will not be tolerated:

All ready to go!!!

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And this one, just because it cracked us up: